before your visit

please read our very important pre-care instructions.
eat something

Eat something before you come as you can't eat for 2 hours after your appointment. You are allowed to drink water though.

don't brush or floss

Do not brush or floss 6 hours before your appointment as this can cause brush abrasions and sensitivity of your gums.


It's very important to stay hydrated BEFORE and AFTER your appointment.

all white diet

You will be on an "all-white" diet for 24 hours after your appointment. This will include things like, water, eggs, bread, chicken, pork, turkey, noodles, mashed potatoes, white sauce, white cheese, white rice, white wine, etc. The pores in your teeth will be open and ready to grab any color within that first day, so it is crucial to follow these instructions. If this is for a special occasion and you will be eating out within 24 hours of your appointment you may think to reschedule.

We look forward to bringing a smile to your face, and we will see you soon!